Novagile accompanies you from A to Z in achieving
of your projects with AGILE methods

With agile methods, our teams adapt throughout the process of your project.

Collaborative construction of deliverables

Regular and structured monitoring of project

Rapid delivery cycles

Collaborative construction of deliverables
via the Scrum method

From a specification, or a functional brief, NOVAGILE cutting your project use cases or small features in batches (« Sprint »), planned in product roadmap .

The goal of each delivery is that the client to test, even if it does not have all of the final application .

On each iteration, NOVAGILE performs the detailed design, development, test unit and functional, validation, and book these developments on a platform of pre-production .

  • Study Project Specifications

  • Ergonomics Functional Models

  • Design Graphic Models

  • Development

    • Programming
    • Tests
    • acceptance procedures


Regular and structured
monitoring of project

Method schema
  • - Dedicated contacts (functional and technical)
  • - An online monitoring project platform (tasks, calendar, documentation, trade)
  • - A weekly monitoring meeting (telephone point, or meeting) with the project manager.

Rapid delivery cycles

Step 1

  • - « metal strand » Functional Specifications
  • - Validation of the navigation ergonomics
  • - Validation of a development and deliverables Roadmap

Step 2

  • - Developments according Roadmap
  • - Recipe and validation of intermediate deliverables
  • - Production Technical Documentation

Step 3

  • - Installation and delivery in production
  • - End Users Tests
  • - Final Recipe
  • - Audit / possible intrusions tests
  • - Maintenance / training customer resources